Best Micathermic Heater Reviews 2017

Best Micathermic Space Heater Reviews 2017

When you are cold you usually want two things. You want to get warm right NOW! and you want to stay warm.

Micathermic heaters may just provide the solution you are looking for. Check out our reviews of the best micathermic heaters, all available at great prices online.​

These great little heaters are low profile, usually flat panel heaters that generate heat by both radiant and convection means. The radiant heat means you benefit immediately from the warming provided by the heater, the convection heat means you get whole room heating.

Table of Top 10 Micathermic Heaters

Here we present for quick reference a table highlighting the models we consider to be the best micathermic heaters on the market today. If you wish to see further details click on the button, or read our review lower down.


Heater Name





best micathermic heater

The DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater



micathermic heater reviews

Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater



best micathermic heater

DeLonghi HHP1500 Safeheat Mica-Panel Heater



quality micathermic heaters

OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-panel Heater



micathermic heater remote

Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater with Remote Control by Optimus



mica thermic heater review

Bionaire Micathermic Element 1500W Console Heater



cheap micathermic heaters

Soleus Air HM1-10-32 Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heater



buy micathermic heaters

NewAir AH-470 Micathermic Space Heater



VonHaus Mica 1500W Micathermic Radiant Panel Heater with Thermostat



top rated micathermic heaters

Bionaire BPH1520 Wall Mount/Freestanding Micathermic Panel Heater



Our Top 10 Best Micathermic Heater Reviews

The DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

best micathermic model

The DeLonghi HMP1500 is a 1500-watt contemporary styled mica thermic panel heater. Not only does the heater heat up instantly, it makes almost no noise. Many heaters offer an instant start up but aren’t quiet, whereas this heater is able to deliver both immediate heat combined with near-silent operation.

The feet of this lightweight heater are easily removed enabling it to be fastened to the wall without too much difficulty. The wall-mountable option allows you to make the most of the available space you have, especially important if space is short.

The heater is designed for your heating needs, allowing adjustment of the thermostat and two heat settings. You are able to choose a high setting at 1500-watts or low setting at 750-watt. With DeLonghi’s Safe Heat functionality, thermal cut-off, internal tip-over switch, and power/caution indicator lights you can be happy this heater is safe to use in most family environments that can give homeowners peace of mind when using the heater.

The heater can be easily moved with the fitted carry handle and castors that are included. The modern design is complementary to any interior décor. With so many heaters on the market, it can be frustrating to find one that is in fact almost silent, safe and yet modern looking. The DeLonghi HMP1500 encompasses all these features which make this heater a leader in the market.

Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater

micathermic reviews

The Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater is a lightweight home heater ideal for larger rooms in your home. The heater provides consistent heat generated by the Mica thermic heating element.

This heater is a stands out from other heaters because it delivers immediate radiant heat from the micathermic heating element, but also convection temperature to create a comforting warmth in the room.

There are two heat settings and a modifiable thermostat available to create the desired warmth you require.

One frustration common to other heaters is that when overheating they trip all the electrical items in your home. Not with the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater which shuts off immediately if it starts overheating or if accidentally tipped onto the floor.

This easy to move heater has a huge handle as well as sliding wheels to assist with transportability. Measuring a 26-3/8 by 6 by 21-1/4 inches (length by width by height) and available in black or gray, this heater is perfect for the whole family.

Not as common with other heaters, the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater has a five-year warranty that ensures you are in fact getting value for money. An affordable heater that is family friendly that truly is a must have in your home.

DeLonghi HHP1500 Safeheat Mica-Panel Heater

best mica heater

The DeLonghi HHP1500 Safeheat Mica-Panel Heater has a regulating thermostat, two-level heat setting with a maximum of 1500W. This fan-free heater silently operates which is beneficial for usage in quieter environments.

The flat design is space effective in cluttered rooms. The heater also has water splash protection, a GFI safety plug, and thermal cut-off. Not many heaters incorporate this water splash protection functionality and this is what makes the DeLonghi HHP1500 a superior quality product, especially for those who are particularly concerned with safe operation.

There is an internal switch in the case that there is a tip-over as well auto shut-off to ensure safe operation always.

The DeLonghi HHP1500 has a fitted carrying handle and wheels for quick portability. There is also a bracket to enable it to be mounted onto a wall to efficiently use the space available in the room.

Measuring 26 by 20 by 2 inches, the DeLonghi HHP1500 Safeheat Mica-Panel Heater is designed with space as a primary concern by homeowners or office managers. The one year warranty also provides peace of mind for the customer.

OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-panel Heater

quality micathermic heating

The OPTIMUS H-8411 Micathermic Flat-panel Heater is designed ergonomically and has many features which make it a perfect addition to your home or office.

The two heat settings (1000W and 1500W) with the changeable thermostat are standard features of most heaters. But the Micathermic 5-ply design warms up surrounding objects by infrared heat. This feature ensures that the entire room is heated to a safe temperature but also delivering its instant heat.

Most heaters dry out the air while in use, but the OPTIMUS H-4811 has been cleverly designed to avoid this, allowing for clear airflow while in operation.The heater also has overheat safety protection available to ensure that your loved ones are secure while using it.

This portable heater has four wheels which can easily be maneuvered to move it around the house as needed.

The OPTIMUS H-8411 is a compact heater ideal for home and office use especially because it is able to deliver heat without drying the air in the process.

Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater with Remote Control by Optimus

micathermic-heater remote

This Optimus Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater comes with a Remote Control. This ensures that operation is extremely easy allowing you to adjust the thermostat from a distance and removing the need to approach the device to do so.

The heater delivers heat from its 5-ply micathermic heating elements. This delivers both immediate heating effect from infrared heating, but also convection heat by warming the surrounding air.

It is a low profile heater able to be tucked away against a wall, or in a small space making it good for use in smaller spaces.

It has two heat settings, a 1000W low setting, and a 1500W high setting. It also comes with a number of safety features including overheating protection via a thermal cut-off device.The large wheel base means it is stable when in position but also easy to move around your home or office.

This Optimus Micathermic Flat-Panel Heater is a good quality micathermic heater capable of delivering comfortable heat in a quiet and efficient manner, but also allowing very easy usage due to the remote operation functionality.

Bionaire Micathermic Element 1500W Console Heater

mica thermic heater review

The Bionair Micathermic Element 1500W Console Heater available is a sleek, lightweight and modern micathermic heater available in a light grey case meets.It has a high quality construction and is UL Listed. With a one-year warranty, this reliable heater is a good addition to any household.

This no-fuss heater stands apart from modern heaters that have various functionality by simply heating up a room effectively.

The casing includes two large wheels at the back and front handle allowing the heater to be moved around very easily indeed.

The heater allows for easy air flow through the vents designed into the device. With a sturdy base, the risk of tipping over the heater is quite low.

Bionaire Micathermic Element 1500W Console Heater is a good quality micathermic low profile panel heater in an attractive design able to deliver very low noise and efficient heat in your home.

Soleus Air HM1-10-32 Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heater

cheap micathermic heating

The Soleus Air HM1-10-32 Ultra-Thin Micathermic Heater is a lean modern heater that is adaptable for home or office use due to its low profile design. It is available in black which will complement modern interiors.

The heater is almost silent which is ideal for office environments or even at home while you’re relaxing.

The instant start-up will warm up the room immediately and spread heat comfortably throughout a medium to large room. Many heaters on the market do not have this near silent functionality combined with an instant start-up, but this heater has effortlessly merged the two to provide a high quality micathermic heater.

The unit includes a tip-over safety switch and overheat safety protection both of which are great at minimizing the impact of accidents.

The market standard two heat settings and an adaptable thermostat are available with the heater. The heater comes with wheels for easy transport and is lightweight.

The design of the heater limits it as a tripping hazard which is great in cluttered spaces. The Soleus Air HM1-10-32 is a brilliant choice for all types of rooms due to its low profile versatility and the fact that it operates quietly and efficiently.

NewAir AH-470 Micathermic Space Heater

buy micathermic

The NewAir AH-470 Micathermic Space Heater is a space-saving heater designed to use the available space in your home in an efficient and effective manner. Not many heaters can boast space-saving as the primary advantage but the NewAir AH-470 does. The clever design allows optimum use in the cooler months and can easily be packed away in warmer months.

The digital display allows for easy reading and has an adjustable thermostat that can be used to create a warm environment. The heater also has an 18-hour modifiable timer which can allow the user to set up the heater to start up as desired. The two heat settings, 1000W, and 1500W are easy to use with a safety tip-over switch to ensure secure usage of the heater.

The efficient design minimizes the risk of accidents and reduces clutter in your home. The heater will automatically turn back on when the surrounding temperatures drop four to five degrees.

The NewAir AH-470 is a great investment for the year ahead as it keeps you warm during winter and can be readily packed away during summer.

VonHaus Mica 1500W Micathermic Radiant Panel Heater with Thermostat

top quality micathermic

The VonHaus Mica 1500W is a modern oil-free panel heater that uses Micathermic technology. The three mica sheet heating elements allow for three-sided heating which emits infrared and natural convection heat.

This heater does not rely on an oil reservoir to emit heat. This means heat is created much more rapidly, while at the same time operating almost silently.

There are two available heat settings, 1000W and 1500W and a regulating thermostat. Other heaters take some time to start up but the VonHaus Mica 1500W boasts an impressive extremely quick heat up that ensures your room is warmed up instantly.

The digital screen and user-friendly controls make the VonHaus Mica 1500W one of the easiest heaters on the market. The heater has anti-frost protection as well as tip over and overheating protection – all of which are commendable safety features.

The sleek, modern design allows for power cord storage and easy portability with the four wheels. With so many models available, the VonHaus Mica 1500W heater is a one-of-a-kind heater that has combined effectiveness and reliability with a contemporary design well.

Bionaire BPH1520 Wall Mount/Freestanding Micathermic Panel Heater

top rated micathermic

The Bionaire BPH1520 Wall Mount/Freestanding Micathermic Panel Heater is a high quality and efficient heater. The sturdy base prevents tipping over and potential accidents. But it is also able to be attached to the wall enabling you to maximize the use of space in your home.

With digital temperature control and the market standard of two heat setting, this heater is a stands out from many heaters due to its attractive design and ease of use.It is a lightweight heater, weighing in at 13.8-pound product, which makes for easy portability from room to room.

Many other heaters struggle to heat whole rooms, effectively only able to deliver heat to the immediate surrounding area. The Bionaire BPH1520 can easily heat up medium to large sized rooms with its 1500W Micathermic element.

It has all the expected safety features including a frost guard and auto-shut off protection. Unfortunately due to the high voltage input (220-240 Volt), this product cannot be fitted and used in the US.

Best Micathermic Heater Buying Guide

What is a Micathermic Heater?

A micathermic space heater consists of a heating element(s) covered by thin sheets of mica.Mica is a shiny silicate mineral that has a fine layered structure. It tends to be found as minute scales in granite and other rocks, or as crystals.

It primary use is as a thermal or electrical insulator. Hence it’s adaption to space heater technology. This innovative technology makes an ultra thin design possible and results in a heater with both radiant and convective heating properties.

Radiant heat is felt almost immediately by the occupants of a room while convection, or rising heat, warms the surrounding air.

Mica heaters are available in two very different designs. One is the console style which resembles a radiator (but with no fluid inside) and the second is the flat panel design which looks like an LED television. Almost all of the flat panel designs include hardware for optional wall mounting.

Advantages of These Heaters

Silent operation

The number one space heater complaint is noise. Since a mica heater relies on radiant and convective heat for heat distribution it doesn't need a fan. No fan - no noise; it's that simple.

Instant Heat

In contrast to the oil-filled heater, which can take some time to heat up a space or room, a micathermic heater starts delivering heat almost instantly. Approximately 20% of the heat delivered by a micathermic heater is radiant heat and it is this heat that is most quickly felt as it would warm up all objects and or people in close proximity to the heater when turned on.

Weight and Portability

Although mica heaters often resemble radiators, which are surprisingly heavy, they are, in fact, very lightweight. They almost all have built in carry handles. This makes it easy to move and store micathermic heaters for people of all ages.

No Allergens

These units do not use a fan to distribute the warm air into the room. Since there is no fan, the room air retains valuable moisture and harmful airborne allergens are kept to a minimum. These heaters do not burn oxygen either. The result of this is that using such a heater in an enclosed space does not result in a heady or stuffy sensation.

Disadvantages of These Heaters

Slower Whole Room Heating than Fan Forced Heaters

Although a mica panel heater warms a room faster than an oil filled heater, any type of space heater without a fan will not warm up a room nearly as fast as one with a fan. The absence of a fan also means it will not heat as large an area as a fan-equipped heater like the Vornado Vortex for example.

Lack of Heat Retention

A micathermic heater does not retain heat like an oil filled heater when it is shut off. This means that it will not continue to provide much in the way of heating when not powered on. Oil-filled heaters are often able to provide heat for quite a while after shut off, making them relatively more efficient.

Where are Mica Heaters Best Used

Micathermic-heaters are best suited for self contained (walled-in) rooms such as a bedroom, study, or den no larger than 150 square feet.

However, a mica heater is still capable of adding supplemental heat to larger living areas or three season glass additions.


In many respects micathermic heating units provide the best of all worlds. They provide instant heat like infrared or other radiant heaters but they also provide a significant proportion of their heat by convection, up to 80%. This makes them good for whole room heating.

They are often very low profile and very lightweight meaning that they are not obtrusive in the home or office at all.

All in all there is much that is good about micathermic heaters and for this reason we recommend you take another look at the list of best micathermic heater reviews above.