Best Oil Filled Heater 2017

best oil filled heater reviews
best oil filled heater reviews

Oil heaters are a great way to heat cold spots in your home

When looking for a space heater, it’s difficult to find one that fits all your needs. Having said that there is one type of space heater that is just great for many applications. The oil filled heater.

They’re energy efficient, effective, and safe. Unlike standard radiator heaters, oil-filled heaters are portable. They operate by plugging into an outlet rather than having to hook them up to a complex system.

However, finding the perfect oil-filled heater for your home isn’t as simple as going to your local department store and purchasing one. Finding a high-quality oil-filled heater could mean the difference between heating your home efficiently and cost-effectively, or spending much more than necessary. There are so many models to choose from, it’s difficult to figure out which one is right for your home.

Table of Top 10 Best Oil-Filled Heaters

In order to ensure you get a good idea of the different models of oil radiator heaters available on the market we have produced a handy reference table to give you our view on what we believe are the best oil-filled heaters available at the moment. Take a look below.


Heater Name




best oil space heater

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DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

Best oil filled heater



best oil-filled radiator heater reviews

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DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater



best oil heater

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DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil-Filled Radiator Heater



oil-filled electric radiator heater

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DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Heater



oil filled radiator space heater

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Optimus H-6003 Portable Oil Filled Heater



oil filled radiator heater

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DeLonghi TRH0715 Oil-Filled Radiator



portable oil radiator heater

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Honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Whole Room Heater



what is the best oil filled heater to buy

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Kenmore Oil-filled Radiator Heater



delonghi oil filled radiator heater

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Homeleader DF-150A7L-7 Electric Oil Filled Radiator Heater



top rated oil-filled space heater

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Insignia HTRFBK6 Oil-Filled Radiator Heater



Best Radiator Reviews

DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat Portable Oil-Filled Radiator - Best Oil Filled Heater

oil-filled space heater

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Undoubtedly the most popular oil filled heater on the market today is the DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat Portable Oil-Filled Radiator. If you are looking for gentle, quiet and efficient space heating then the EW7707CM is the heater to go for. Why is it gentle? Because it heats without drying the air.

Although due to the oil reservoir the heater is heavy, weighing in around the 26 lbs. mark, it is compact for an oil heater rising only just over 2 feet tall, 14 inches deep and 11 inches wide. When not in use it can be conveniently tucked away into a small space. It has an automatic thermal shut-off to prevent overheating and allows you to set the temperature according to your needs via the thermostat.

The reservoir contains diathermic oil which will never need refilling and it is completely silent in operation. If you need it to move around then it comes with wheels which snap in and allows you to wheel it from place to place. The thermal slots create a large surface area which allows it to heat without becoming overly hot to the touch. Another useful safety feature.

If you want a slow but steady way to heat a space in your home then the DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat Portable Oil-Filled Heater may just be the perfect pick for your needs.



  • Quality heater delivering gentle heat silently
  • Able to easily heat a large room
  • Good safety features
  • Compact size
  • The wheels are not particularly great at moving the heater around with.

DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater

top oil filled radiator heater reviews

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When it comes to quickly and constantly warming up medium to large rooms nothing beats the DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater. It is affordable, light weight, easy to use, offers great performance and has a compact design.

Multiple Functions - This handy device allows you to set your preferred room temperature and it maintains it. And unlike other heaters that have limited functions, it has 3 different power settings. You can choose between high, medium and low to control the amount of heat entering your room. You can also blend the thermostat level with the different power settings to create a continuous flow of heat that is personalized to your ideal comfort level.

Smooth and Sleek Design - The compact design plus the rounded edges make the machine both safe and attractive even in rooms with pets and kids. It also features thermal chimneys that enhance flow of warmth without any irritating noise.

Other features include: Pre-Assembled Wheels - Its wheel come pre-assembled and they allow for easy rolling from one room to another. Eco-Feature - Uses less power to conserve energy and save you cash on operating costs. 24-Hour Timer - The device offers a very convenient timer that allows you to set it to turn on and off at any time that you want. Safeheat technology - Its thermal cutoff technology prevents overheating and is perfect for family use.

The DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater is a sleek and stylish whole room oil filled heater that has a full list of features, is portable and looks great.



  • Safe for use with kids
  • Provides a gentle but steady heat
  • Works well in a large room
  • Can be left unattended without worry
  • Sometimes produces an unpleasant smell when run for a long time

DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

cheap oil filled radiator heater

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The DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil Filled Radiator is perfect for creating soothing warmth. It is both multi-functional and rugged. From delivering comfort, economy and reliability, this device has everything anyone would need in a high quality heater.

Stays cool - Unlike other heaters that usually become very hot when used for a long time, the DeLonghi EW7507EB directs heat upwards, keeping its sides cool and safe to touch. It also feature s an overheat cut off for additional safety and its remote control means you will never have to touch the heater.

A silent operator - The machine does not use a fan to produce heat, making it one of the quietest space heaters available. The only sound it produces is a clicking sound when it cycles on or off.

Digital controls - The radiator is designed with an all-digital control setting. Nonetheless you can also bypass the extra programming capabilities and use the manual controls.

Although the DeLonghi EW7507EB oil filled heater takes some time to heat up, it provides constant and steady heat for extended periods even after you turn it off. This feature makes it perfect for both small and large spaces.



  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet when in use
  • Comes with a programmable timer
  • Provides long lasting heat
  • Sometimes is slow to heat up a room
  • Does not come with a battery backup

DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Heater

highly rated oil-filled electric radiator heater

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This versatile oil-filled radiator is from the DeLonghi manufacturers who have deep roots in the radiator heater industry. It features a programmable timer with 96-settings, a convenient thermostat, and a steady base for portability.

It’s adored for its warming openings since they maintain a low surface temperature, all the while spilling out the glow you need. No more worries about your pets or children sustaining contact burns.

The compact shape, coupled with the GFI plug make it suitable for any humid space. You no longer have to contend with cold air right out of a steamy shower.

Safety has been capitalized by incorporating a kill-switch that automatically turns it off when it’s about to overheat.

This smart cookie instinctively dials up the heat when temperatures drop to 5 degrees. If that doesn’t impress you, the 96 settings on the timer should do the trick. You are in control of the desired time you need a room warmed up to, while substantially preserving energy.

The only drawback that we can think of is that this oil filled radiator can only warm up small to medium sized spaces. It does not work well in large rooms.

We like that the sleek design and silent operation make it suitable for almost all spaces inclusive of the TV chambers. Coupled with that the controllable thermostat is handy when deciding on the level of heat you desire.



  • Programmable timer
  • GFI plug ensures no unexpected shock
  • Low surface temperature prevent scalding
  • Sleek and compact design with wide solid base
  • Only capable of heating small to medium sized rooms

Optimus H6003 Portable Oil Filled Radiator Heater

preferred oilfilled radiator space heater

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Optimus fully optimizes oil. See what I did there? Well, it’s not just wordplay, this radiator heater runs on diathermic oil to regulate the flow of heat into you select room. I bet you’re wondering why this oil is such a big deal.

Diathermic oil has a high boiling point and consequently boasts of a greater heat capacity. It takes three times longer to heat compared to water. An added perk is that it’s permanently preserved within a sealed compartment that prevents leakage. This heater does not necessitate oil change.

It’s cased with a heavy gauge sheet metal that’s able to hold up the heat produced while remaining cool to the touch.

This small sized radiator heater is fitted with a carrying handle for easy portability. Its front foot is broad offering requisite stability wherever it placed.

Although it’s filled with oil, this heater is powered by electricity. Once plugged into a power source, a power indicator lights up affirming that it’s properly fitted.

The Optimus heater is expediently built with an automatic dial that has an array of heat settings. You can easily manipulate it per your desired temperature levels, ranging from low to high.

One drawback is that once purchased, you have to assemble it from scratch with your own tools as none is provided.

We would recommend the Optimus H6003 as a personal heater. It can be used desk side or warm up your feet while working.



  • Small and easily portable oil filled heater
  • Good choice as a personal heater
  • No tools provided for assembly

DeLonghi TRH0715 Oil-Filled Radiator

the highest rated oil filled radiator heater

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The DeLonghi TRH0715 heater is a fully features oil filled heater with simple-to-use controls, 3-range temperature settings, and an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the heat delivered to your preferred level.

The anti-freeze functionality ensures that the unit switches in anytime temperatures fall below 42 degrees F, and this feature is very popular with users.

The DeLonghi Safeheat technology prevents overheating meaning that there is some element of safety whenever the oil filled radiator is in operation.

The DeLonghi TRH0715 has permanently sealed channels that contain diathermic oil, meaning the device can provide years of reliable heating without resorting to refilling. The thermal slots placed on the heater allows the exterior to be warm but not scalding when touched.

Rust-resistant material construction, and a compact size, being 13.78” x 5.9” x 24.8” makes it perfect for most homes. Setting up and operating this portable oil filled heater couldn't be more straightforward with clear instructions for how to use it provided.

The DeLonghi TRH0715 heater provide consistent heat that does not dry out the air; it has no moving parts, and its silent operation makes it popular over many oil filled heaters.

Some users have raised concerns that DeLonghi TRH0715 may take a long time to heat a room to the desired condition. In our tests we found no such problem.

The DeLonghi TRH0715 has many fantastic features that make it a must-have heater for many homes.



  • Fully featured
  • Anti-freeze feature maintaining the room above freezing point
  • Silent operation
  • Able to heat medium to large rooms
  • Concern that the heater only heats rooms slowly

Honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater

portable oilfilled radiator heater

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The Honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Heater has digital controls that are simple to manipulate, have three heat settings and come with an adjustable thermostat. The heater works silently, and the heat delivered efficiently enough that you hardly even notice that the heater is on.

The heater is fitted with wheels which easily glide, and a luggage-style handle that makes pulling off the heater to be easy.

It has excellent safety features built in, features that exceed almost any other oil filled heaters on the market. Its anti-overheating protection works well as it cuts the heater power any time the temperature exceeds a preset threshold.

The heater comes with a manual that clearly lists all the possible problems that may be encountered, and provides easy to follow solutions.

With a weight of only 24.8 pounds and a dimension of 15.4” x 6.7” x 25”, moving this heater straightfoward, the wheels allowing the unit to be push around and the handles allowing it to be lifted.

The Honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Heater works well for large rooms, quickly raising the air temperature once it is in use.

In the past there have been question marks over the reliability of the heater, but we encountered no issues and we believe such problems to have now been overcome.

​Overall the Honeywell HZ-789 Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater is a safe to use, fully featured oil filled heater that will not let you down.



  • Strong safety features
  • Heats most rooms quickly and effortlessly
  • Comes with a programmable timer
  • Easily portable
  • Some reported reliability issues

Kenmore Oil-filled Radiator Heater

what is the best oil filled heater to buy

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The Kenmore Oil Filled Heater is a large room radiant heater with superior heating capabilities. It prides itself with three heat settings controllable by a thermostatic knob and a couple of features for safety and mobility.

The main features include a low, medium, and high heat setting controlled by a revolving switch. This is backed up by a thermostat that caters for slight temperature adjustment to achieve the perfect warmth level.

The prime safety feature is its auto shut-off ability when about to reach 1350 watts preventing overheating that could result in a fire.

The oil here is used as a heat reservoir, but the primary source of power is electricity. This means you never actually consume the oil and consequently, you don’t have to top it up regularly.

Portability has been achieved by fitting four caster wheels that allow you to roll it from one room to another.

This Kenmore heater does not have a timer, and its power wattage is limited to 1350 considering it heats up to 150-square feet of space.

We recommend the Kenmore if you have an ice lounge or another outsized territory in your home that requires warming, this is a welcome unit.



  • Fine temperature adjustment
  • Safety features include auto shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Very portable and easily moved from one room to another
  • No timer
  • Power limited to 1350 watts

Homeleader Electric Oil Filled Heater

top delonghi oil filled radiator heater

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Homeleader’s goal is to become the defacto platform provider for household appliances. They have recently diversified production from kitchen appliances to this electric oil filled radiator. It has several convenient features.

A look at the main features shows that the power settings are displayed on a LED screen with a remote control spoiling you for choice. The user-friendly design has been further capitalized by incorporating a 24-hour on/off programmable timer.

The heater can radiate heat to a large area as its high power is a whopping 1500 watts. It runs on electricity with diathermic oil as a backup. This eliminates the hustle of constantly refilling the oil.

Homeleader is big on safety as it has invested in heat slots with a low surface temperature. It also has a thermal cut-off function to nip overheating in the bud as well as rust resistant metal construction.

Mobility has been achieved with its four pivoting wheels and carry handle.

Curiously, there is no on/off switch and the heater comes with no manufacturer's manual. To operate you simply plugin and off it goes.​

This Homeleader Electric Oil Filled Heater is a worthy purchase for the winter season as it will warm up every inch of the room it’s in.



  • Remote control unit with large LED display
  • 24 hour on/off programmable timer
  • Thermal cut-off to prevent overheating
  • Large room heater
  • No on/off switch
  • No manufacturer's manual provided

Insignia HTRFBK6 Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

highly rated oil filled space heater

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The Insignia HTRFBK6 Oil Filled Heater is a customizable, spotless flexible unit that functions admirably for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to its versatility, it offers multiple handy settings to brave the cold winter season.

The main features include a tip over switch safety feature that prevents the machine from overheating. It sits on four wheels that come in handy when rolling it from one room to another.

You can change the settings right from the comfort of your seat with the remote control. Thank you, manufacturers, for understanding the couch potato syndrome that plagues most of us during winter.

It's user-friendly with a LED display that offers information at a glance.

One drawback is that the Insignia HTRFBK6  lacks the ALCI safety plug yet it is electricity powered, which puts you at risk of suffering an electric shock.

Overall, we like the look and the complete set of features on the HTRFBK6. In case you’re feeling your large sized 144 sq. foot room is short on heat, the Insignia is an excellent choice.



  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Handy remote control operation
  • Easy to read LED display
  • No ALCI safety plug

Best Oil Radiator Buying Guide

In this article, you’ll find the information you need to make an informed decision. You’ll find out how an oil-filled heater works, as well as how to choose the one right for you. This article will inform you of what can go wrong with an oil-filled heater, too.

We also hope to give you some simple troubleshooting information. We hope this will help you figure out how to fix your heater without having to call the manufacturer a million times.

How Do These Heaters Work?

Oil-filled heaters or radiators will look like the old-fashioned radiators, but they’re a lot smaller. They’re made up of fins or columns that join up together, sometimes with an open space between them. These fins or columns join together at the bottom, and the front of the unit is fitted with a control panel. Some oil-filled heaters are constructed to be a single, flat panel.

Unlike the traditional radiators, oil-filled ones are mobile. They connect to an ordinary wall plug, so they’re able to be moved anywhere they’re needed. Most of them have handles for you to carry them, and the larger models have wheels to position them easily.

Inside the fin or the column is diathermic oil. The most common concern with these heaters is whether or not you have to refill the oil, and the answer is no. The oil is not a fuel, but rather a heat reservoir. Therefore, it will never be used up. It will continue to circulate through the heater as long as it’s being used.

Here’s a brief review of how these heaters work.

best oil filled radiator heater

The warmed oil begins to circulate around the fins, the heat is then transferred to the surrounding air

  1. The electricity is sent to a resistor inside the heater, which will turn the energy into heat.
  2. The diathermic oil absorbs the heat inside the heater.
  3. While the oil heats up, it starts to circulate throughout the columns or fins.
  4. While the oil movies through the fins, it transfers the heat to the fins.
  5. While the fins heat up, they radiate heat into the area. This heat circulates through the room using natural convection in the air.

How to Choose the Best Radiator Heater

In this section, you will learn about the different models, features, benefits, frustrations, installation, and maintenance of the oil-filled heater.

The Different Types of Oil Heater

All oil-filled heaters work the same; however, that doesn’t mean all oil-filled heaters are the same when it comes to quality. When you’re purchasing an oil-filled heater, you want to look for safety features above all else.

Heaters designed with wider fins and longer heating tubes help the heat spread out over a larger surface area, which will radiate heat more efficiently. Look for a heater with a taller fin because this will be cooler to the touch than a smaller heater, but it will produce the same amount of heat for the space it’s in.

If style is important to you, then you may want to look for a heater that is wall-mountable or will fit in with your décor. Remember, price does not necessarily translate to quality, so be sure you look for a heater that will fulfill your needs while giving you peace of mind.

Key Features of Oil Radiators

  • Temperature Settings – Oil-filled radiator heaters often have a swivel knob to set the temperature, a specific setting of high or low, or specific temperature settings with a digital display. The one your unit has will depend on the brand you purchase, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your heater. Some come with a comfort setting that allows you to keep a room between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which can save you a lot on your energy bill.
  • Thermal Shutoff – To protect your children and pets from accidental burns, most heaters have rounded designs that put off enough heat to heat a room, but they don’t have a hot surface temperature. The heating elements are completely enclosed to prevent any direct contact, so everyone stays safe. To protect your family and home, these units have automatic shutoff functions to cut the power to the unit if the heater gets too hot.
  • Antifreeze Setting – If you’re using your heater in an area where pipes may be prone to freezing, some heaters come with a feature that’s automatic. When the temperature reaches below 44 degrees Fahrenheit, the heater will automatically turn on to keep the room from getting too cold.
  • Timer – Some units will come with a timer so you can set different temperatures for different times of the day. For example, you can set the temperature to be a little lower at night and increase in the morning, so you don’t have to get out of bed to cold floors!

The Advantages of Owning an Oil Heater

This brief video gives a summary of the benefits of radiator heaters. Following it we look at a more comprehensive list of why these radiators are one of the best space heaters to purchase.

  • Silent – Traditional space heaters with exposed heating elements use fans to blow the hot air around the room. Oil-filled heaters do not have fans, and the only noise you’ll ever hear one make is a gentle clicking sound as the thermostat adjusts and the unit turns on or off. You most likely won’t notice it.
  • Humidity-Friendly – Oil heaters don’t use fans to circulate the air around the room; therefore, they won’t dry out the air in your home.
  • Energy Efficient – Electric heaters are just about 100% efficient, which means all the energy they use is converted into heat. They don’t have to provide power for a fan motor, so they’re even more efficient than conventional space heaters.
  • Slow to Cool – Even after the power has been turned off, the heater continues to radiate heat.
  • Thermostat Controllers – Once your room reaches a comfortable temperature, your heater will automatically turn off or on to maintain that temperature, rather than running constantly. This saves you money and keeps your rooms from overheating.
  • No Refills – There’s no need to replace the oil in these radiator heaters because the oil is never used as fuel.
  • Portable and Compact – These are lightweight, easy to move heaters, and most are small enough to fight beneath a desk safely.
  • Non-Scorching Surface – The metal surface can get warm to the touch, but it’ll never be hot enough to burn you if you brush against it accidentally.
  • Unexposed Heat Elements – The heating elements are sealed within the fins of the heater, so there isn’t a chance it’ll touch anything flammable. This makes them safe for children and pets.
  • No Vents or Grilles – The heater units are completely enclosed, so there isn’t a need to worry about debris or dust getting inside of them, as well as little fingers poking through exposed grilles. In addition, there's no concern about blocked air flow through intake or outtake vents.
  • No Fumes or Gas – Because these heaters do not burn oil or gas, they’re completely safe to use inside.
  • Safety-Features – Most models have built-in overheat protecting features and tilt-switches that will turn your heater off in case there is a problem.

Matters to Consider before Buying an Oil Radiator

As with any product, there are some frustrations with oil-filled heaters. Fortunately, most of their advantages override these frustrations, but you should still be aware of them. The following list give you an idea of some of the frustrations of using oil-filled heaters:

top oil-filled electric radiator heater

There are many advantages to owning and using an oil filled space heater, but it is also worth looking at the drawbacks of owning these space heaters too

  • Longer to Heat and Slower to Cool – The heater will take longer to heat up than a traditional fan-forced heater. They have to heat the oil first, and then warm the air around them. Fan-forced heaters will deliver an immediate blast of hot air, but they tend to dry out the air at the same time. In addition, radiator space heaters take a little longer to cool down. Some see this as a disadvantage because they find it might get a little warmer than wanted in a room.
  • Large – Radiators are larger than the traditional portable heater, which can be a problem in very tight spaces. However, there are now tabletop oil-filled heaters, which might help with space problems.
  • Heavier – This type of heater is a little heavier than their forced-air counterparts. However, most models come with wheels to make them easier to transport around your home.

What about Installation?

When it comes to portable oil radiators, there isn’t a lot of concern when it comes to installation; however, some do have questions about the oil and basic installation matters. When you take the heater out of its box, make sure to put the wheels on the bottom. Usually, these snap into place without tools.

The other question many people have is whether or not they need to put oil into the heater. The answer is no; you do not need to put oil into these heaters. They do not burn the oil as a fuel, but rather, they use the oil as a means of circulating the heat around the fins of the heater.

If you ever see oil coming out of the heater, then stop using it immediately and take it to a repair center or call the manufacturer for instructions on how to repair or replace the heater.

Maintenance Issues

The good news is oil heaters are pretty much maintenance free. Other than checking for leaks and making sure the power cord is in good shape before you turn the heater on, there isn’t much.

The one thing you do want to keep in mind is dust can gather on the metal fins, so be sure to clean them off with a damp cloth before you start the unit. This won’t obstruct the unit’s operation capabilities; however, the dust buildup can create an odor when the unit is turned on.

Summing It All Up

great oil radiators

Oil filled heaters are economical, portable and an effective way to supplement the heating in your home

These heater units are one of the best types of portable, supplemental heaters to purchase because they are low-maintenance, very safe, and economical. The operating cost of these heaters is very low, so you save money on your main heating bill without having to use too much electricity. The design of these heaters is truly genius when it comes to circulating heat around a home without causing discomfort and concern.

When you purchase an oil heater / radiator, you’ll find many options available to you. While some people would prefer a heater with a specific temperature setting, not all oil-filled heaters come with this option. In addition, some come with a timer while others do not.

These settings really depend on your preferences because, when it comes to safety, all oil-filled heaters have the safety options that keep them from overheating during a malfunction, and they’re all relatively cool to the touch. Some will fit on a countertop or a desk, while others do better placed on a floor.

Of course, the smaller ones that go on your countertop will heat a smaller space, while the larger floor models tend to heat larger spaces. Choose the heater appropriate for the space you want to heat to get the maximum efficiency out of it.

The DeLonghi brand of oil filled heaters are definitely the most recommended. The best portable oil-filled heater is the DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator. With 1500 watts of power, this heater can heat large rooms to 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or more, easily. It operates relatively silently and has very few noise complaints. This heater is made from the highest quality materials – steel assembly and smart-snap wheels. It has the ComforTemp button, which allows you to maintain an optimal room temperature automatically and an adjustable thermostat if you want to change the room temperature to be lower or higher. This heater comes with the antifreeze setting, as well as a thermal cutoff in case the unit malfunctions. This is one of the highest rated, safe oil-filled heaters available on the market today.

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