Best Fire Pit Reviews 2018 and Comprehensive Buying Guide

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Best Fire Pit Comparison Table

There are a great many types and styles of firepits. We have looked across the market and selected the top 10 best fire pits, our particular favorites, based upon functionality, heat generation and generally how good they look.

Have a look through the following products and see if you agree with us. We have written a short review of each one which you can access below.


Heater Name




backyard fire pit

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Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Firepit

Best Gas Fire Pit



patio fire pit

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Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Firepit



gas fire pit table

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Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Firepit Table With Cover

Best Fire Pit Table



portable propane fire pit

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Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

Best Wood Burning Fire Pit



portable outdoor fire pit

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Endless Summer WAD15121MT Brushed Copper Wood Burning Outdoor Firebowl

Best Cheap Fire Pit



best outdoor fire pit

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Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Firepit, Black



best portable fire pit

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Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Firepit

Best Portable Fire Pit



best backyard fire pit

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Outland Firebowl Mega Propane Pit



best fire pit design

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Outland Firebowl Portable Propane FirePit

Best Mantel Electric Fireplace



best cheap fire pit

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Bordeaux by bOutdoors-48" Round Porcelain Top Gas Fire Pit Table with 40,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner



FirePit Reviews Section

Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Firepit Review


best outdoor gas heater

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The Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit is a top rated firepit and many users love it because it is made of quality materials, it is affordable and it is very easy to move from one place to another.

With this device you are guaranteed to have a durable and reliable device that will provide you with an appealing flame as well as other handy options such as being able to cook over it. This firebowl is also very popular because it can act as crowd pleaser in social settings while still providing a consistent source of heat that invites relaxation and conversation.

Main Product Features

The CSA approved machine boasts a BTU of 58,000 that produces a very impressive flame (it is almost like a real campfire). It is designed with an auto ignition feature that provides easy and quick start up while its rubber chrome knob grip allows for easy flame control.

It is also lightweight, very easy to move from one spot to another and features stainless steel controllers of the fasteners, burner and the decorative band. So whether you are just sitting around with family and friends or you are roasting marshmallows, the Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Firepit will be a great way to counter the chill and enjoy your day out.



  • It is lightweight, making it very easy to transport.
  • Comes with a cover kit.
  • Designed with a high quality steel with protective enamel finish.
  • A bit hard to get started.

Bottom Line

Owning this appliance is a sure way to add to the overall hospitality and décor of your lawn or patio. Whether you want to use it for cooking or entertainment you won’t go wrong with this pit. Get it today for reliable and high quality flames.

Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Firepit Review

patio fire-pit

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There is no better way to fire up a boring night that to build a backyard fire with the Heininger 5995, 58, 000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit and bask in its amazing warmth with family and friends. The lightweight appliance is sturdy, compact, fuel efficient and easy to use.

Main Product Features

With this machine, users get a propane powered 58,000 BTU heater which is ideal for use on backyards, patios, tailgating and camping. Set up is easy, its high heating feature is very handy in cold weather while its portability is desirable. It has a compact 19 inch design and comes with an attached fire controller plus a 10-foot hose. So if you are tired of the heavy and smoky wood burning pits, this is the ideal model for you.



  • Easy to transport.
  • Build with a sturdy Outland bowl.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Its 58,000 BTU burner churns out an amazing amount of warmth that the entire family can enjoy.
  • CSA approved.
  • The fire bowl appears bronze online which is not the case with the real product as it is black.
  • Doesn’t come with a cover, you will need to buy one.

Final Word

Ideal for use on outdoor installations and backyards, this device offers value. It has a functional and spacious design that warms areas around it very well. Get it today and start enjoying warm and memorable nights with your family!

Best Choice Products BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Firepit Table with Cover Review


gas table heater

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The Best Choice Products Extruded Gas Outdoor Pit Table is a very versatile and wonderful appliance. You can easily use it to create a camping style environment while sharing a barbeque with friends, provide warmth on a cold evening while sitting out in your backyard or you can even bring it with you on a long road trip.

Main Product Features

Hitting the scales at 80 pounds, it is a well-balanced and sturdy product. It is also lightweight which means you can easily move it to from one spot to another. In addition, the machine generates more than enough light and heat.

The tank can produce up to 42,000 BTS and its flames can reach up to 20 inches high. Its top is also designed with a lid that you can close and use as a real table for party food or drinks or open it to display the fire.

The appliance comes with many accessories including a ring cover, glass beads and a bronze hammered fire-pit.



  • Solid construction.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Great design
  • Perfect for medium sized patios and gardens.
  • You can also use it as a table.
  • Low quality cover.


The high quality burner from Best Choice will make a beautiful, yet functional heater for any social event. It is well designed with extruded weather proof aluminum and its dark brown paint gives it an appealing finish. Try it today and you will be glad you did!

Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit Review


portable propane powered pit burner

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Whether you are holidaying in a camping site or you relaxing with friends and family in your backyard, the Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit is the perfect cooking and heating companion.

Main Product Features

Designed with a durable steel construction with a black finish, the unit features attractive wildlife cutouts that reflect the golden flames inside the pit. It is also lightweight and features a wrap-around ring which means you can move it to your favorite spot around without a hassle.

Its 24 inch bowl also gives users enough room for a small fire and the full-size cooking grate means you can grill all your barbeque treats.



  • Affordable.
  • Also works as a grill.
  • Great design
  • Portable.
  • Elegant animal cut out architecture.
  • Not ideal for large gardens.
  • Its cover is not rust proof.

Wrapping it up

The Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit is the perfect option for a small patio or yard and it is specifically ideal for those camping trips where there are no bbq facilities around. And although it is very light, it is made from a durable heat resistant steel material and it is sturdy legs that can be folded ensure that you enjoy its nice flames anywhere at any time.

So if you are looking for a firepit that is affordable, portable and effective, you won’t go wrong with this one!

Endless Summer WAD15121MT Brushed Copper Wood Burning Outdoor Firebowl Review


portable outdoor fire bowl

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Bring functionality and style to your backyard with the Endless Summer WAD15121MT Wood Burning Firebowl. Designed with a brushed Copper finish, the handcrafted appliance by Blue Rhino features the strength of a heat resistant copper with the classic elements of a high end furniture.

Main Product Features

As mentioned earlier, the wood burning outdoor firebowl features Airflow Technology where the device uses a patent pending vent which draws in air for enhanced combustion.

It also designed with a brushed copper finish and comes with a reliable steel stand. It is also easy to install and comes with a 1- year limited warranty. All these handy features make it ideal for any outdoor event.



  • Comes with a spark guard for easy lifting.
  • Transitional design making it ideal for many outdoor areas.
  • Designed with Airflow technology for hotter and long lasting fires.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Uses wood - some people consider the smoke both an environment and health hazard.

Last Word

The endless summer appliance is both affordable and looks great - a high quality and classic circular wood burning fire bowl. Also, the Air Flow Technology means longer lasting and hotter fires and being lightweight means you can easily transport it. A great addition to any backyard or patio area!

Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light FirePit Review

best outdoor firepit

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If you’re looking for a garden fire which is warm and stylish at the same time - the Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit is be a great pick. The pit is solid, durable and easy to assemble. It also comes with an incredibly stylish cut-out that creates an amazing ambiance at evenings and nights.

Main Product Features

The unit is large and measures about 23-1/2 inches. It is made of solid steel and can be assembled easily. The consistent durability makes it resistant to wear and tear.

The pit bowl comes with a spark screen and a poker bowl. It also gives you a 360 degree view of the fire.

The attractive and stylish cut outs on the fire box deliver an amazing ambience in the evenings and night.



  • Large pit, measuring 23-1/2 inches.
  • Solid steel offers maximum durability.
  • Comes with poker bowl and spark screen.
  • Gives 360 degree view of the fire.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not come with a metal rack.


Considering the exceptional features and stylish design- this is one of the best heaters around and it is definitely worth a shot. The Landman Garden Lights pit will definitely add a dash of fun to your outdoor parties.

Get this product if you are looking for a charming ambience backed by consistent durability and support.

Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit Review


best portable pit heater

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The Outland Firebowl Deluxe Portable Propane Fire Pit is one of the best ways to generate heat for your outdoor recreations and parties. It is an excellent alternative to the conventional campfires.

The pit is safe to use and it gives you the same warmth and ambience of a comfortable campfire. These fire bowls are made of high grade steel and the enamel coating ensures consistent durability.

Main Product Features

The fire bowl is equipped with 58,000 BTU fire bowls that are crafted from the best grade of steel. The enamel finish and the powder coating ensure proper durability.

The bowl comes with stainless steel burners, fasteners, knobs made of chrome and a comfortable rubber grip. The pit is CSA approved and it comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.



  • 58,000 BTU fire bowls are solid and durable.
  • Being light weight, you can easily carry it to places.
  • Comes with stainless steel burners, knobs and fasteners.
  • The rubber grip is strong and comfortable.
  • Comes with decorative rock, stabilizer ring and cover kit.
  • The cover kit wears off after some time.

To Summarize

The smart features, perfect size and amazing durability make this heater an excellent product for your outdoor recreations and campfires. The Outland FireBowl is not only easy to assemble but is also safe and extremely light weight.

Go for this product to add a dash of fun to your campfires and outdoor parties.

Outland Firebowl Mega Propane Firepit Review

best backyard heater

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If you’re looking to pep up the ambience of your outdoor parties and campfire events- this Outland Firebowl Mega Propane Firepit may well be the perfect option. This is a 58,000 BTU fire bowl that provides clean and completely smokeless flame.

It is CSA approved and is therefore certified and safe to use. The product is durable, solid and resistant to wear and tear.

Main Product Features

The firebowl is made of propane and is equipped with a capacity of 58,000 BTU. The make is extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The bowl comes with a weather resistant cover, a propane ring for stabilizing tank, a decorative rock, stainless steel fasteners, burners and a chrome knob. The rubber grip is strong and comfortable.



  • The 24 inches size provides a greater surface area compared to other conventional fire bowls.
  • 58,000 BTU ensures smokeless and perfectly clean flame.
  • Comes with a weather resistant cover.
  • The steel burner, knobs and fasteners add to the usability.
  • Enamel burner provides maximum durability.
  • The model is compact in size and not big enough for some relatively bigger outdoor space.


This firebowl is a perfect product for your outdoor parties and events. It is compact, light weight and incredibly portable. The device is also solid and durable enough to resist all wear and tear.

Go for this fire bowl if you’re really looking out to pep up the ambiance of your parties and events.

Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Pit Review

best pit design

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Anyone looking for the perfect campfire-like ambience - then nothing will work better than this excellent propane fire bowl from Outland. The product has a capacity of 58,000 BTU and it emits smokeless and completely clean flames. It is approved by the CSA and is also safe to use. The bowl is not only stylish but also light weight, solid and portable.

Main Product Features

The fire bowl comes with a capacity of 58,000 BTU and it offers complete consumer satisfaction. Equipped with a pre-attached 10 ft hose, the bowl also comes with a stabilizer ring and a decorative rock set. The latest model is now equipped with a natural gas conversion kit and a carry bag.



  • The fire bowl is not only durable but is also light weight and can be set up anywhere.
  • Comes with a stainless steel burner, chrome knob, fastener and a comfortable rubber grip.
  • It can be assembled easily.
  • Being approved by the CSA it ensures absolute consumer satisfaction.
  • Not big enough for extremely spacious outdoors and backyards.

Our View

Well, if you’re really looking out to purchase the best fire-pit that will not only render the perfect warmth but will also be easy to assemble and set up- this product from outland can be a great buy. The features, tweaks and benefits will definitely live up to your expectations.

Bordeaux by bOutdoors - 48" Round Porcelain Top Gas Fire Pit Table with 40,000 BTU Stainless Steel BurnerReview

best cheap firebowl

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This is one of the best table heaters from bOutdoors is a great product to enhance and pep up your backyard. It is an excellent addition to your living space, without having you to compromise on your budget.

The round structure of this fire it seamlessly integrates with any decor. The ignition is electronic and it provides perfect warmth with its 40,000 BTU capacity.

Main Product Features

This is an extremely well featured gas firepit, and it comes with a stainless steel burner with a capacity of 40,000 BTU. The product is equipped with a weather cover, stainless steel burners and a natural gas conversion kit.

It also comes with an aluminium base with a dual tone texture and a table top with porcelain mosaic tiles. The door can be easily lifted off and the product is completely safe to use.



  • Equipped with a capacity of 40,000 BTU, the gas pit provides just the right warmth.
  • The pit is completely safe to be used on your decks and patios.
  • It is extremely stylish and syncs with any decor.
  • Comes with stainless steel burners, a weather cover and a natural gas conversion kit.
  • The control panel can be used for setting the temperature high, low or medium.
  • The BTU capacity is 40,000 which will struggle to heat larger outdoor spaces comprehensively.

Our View

Overall, this gas burner from bOutdoors is an excellent product if you are looking out to pep up your outdoor parties. You can set the perfect temperature with the control panel and being portable, you can also set it to your desired location. The features, tweaks and specifications make it completely worth your money.

Best Outdoor Fire-Pit Buying Guide

Things to Think About When Planning Your Outdoor Fire Pit

If you are looking to put an outdoor firebowl or pit in your yard you will have a few things to think about before making your choice. You will need to think about how it will work; whether natural gas, propane tank, or natural wood fire.

You want to take into account your personal style and the style of your home if you are considering a permanent one rather than a portable one. You may want to think about building it yourself if you have the skill, strength and patience to do the job right.

The pleasure of a warm fire along with the warmth and love of family and friends is one of the reasons why many people are becoming interested in having a fire in their yard. There is also the financial gain from certain additions to homes, including outdoor living spaces that include fireplaces or fire pits.

The fire is the same no matter which type of burn method you choose, so your decision should be based on what you want to put into it. Do you want the ease of a gas or propane option with a simple igniter or do you enjoy the scent of a wood fire and you don’t mind the effort required to get a good fire going. You will also need to know the local rules and regulations regarding outdoor open flames before you go through the expense.

If everything is in excellent order, and you know which burn method you prefer your next decision is whether you want a portable one or a built in one. A portable one is convenient to move to different locations, perfect if you are entertaining. However, you will have to set it up every time you want to use it. Whereas, if your fire is built-in, it is already set up and ready to go any time you want to use it to enjoy your company or relax after a long day at work.

If you choose the built-in option you may want to hire a designer to create one that matches the style of your home or creates an ambiance you wish for in your outdoor living space. Of course, you can also build it yourself if you have a can-do spirit.

The basic outdoor pit should be about 36” to 44” inside diameter to provide enough space for the fire and a cozy enough distance for friends to visit. The walls around the pit should be high enough to contain the flame and provide safety to people around the flames. About 12” in height is perfect for containment and safety.

Your decision, if made correctly, will provide many seasons and years of fun time for you and your family. You may want to add a grill top to the pit to cook food or simply roast marshmallows. You will want to provide that sense of home and hearth with a hearty fire. No matter what time of the year a fire is always welcomed.

What Are The Best Designs?

A proper burner design can drastically improve the appearance of your backyard patio. However, there are all sorts of fire pit designs in the market and it can be hard to pick the right fire pit design that will match to the scenery of your backyard.

This guide will help you to figure out what the main types of designs are, what the most popular options are, what brands of firepit are the best known, what factors you should consider in a the model you choose, and how the design will impact you and your family. This guide will effectively help make you a well-informed buyer of fire pits and help you find the right heater for your needs.

What Kind of Design?

There are many types of model out on the market. There are grills, portable units, tables, outdoor fireplaces, chiminea, Sojoe pits, gas pits, simple campfires, cast iron firepits, and copper fire pits. Grills are models that function also as a grill for cooking.

Generally speaking portable models are are typically large metal bowls with wheels on the legs for convenient movement.

Tables incorporating the heater consist of a table with a heat source in the middle. This is great for eating next to the fire.

Chiminea are essentially small fireplaces with a small chimney.

Sojoe fire pits are a specific brand that are very popular. This design typically has a deep bowl made out of thick steel. On the outside of the bowl different shapes are carved into the bowl.

Gas units do not use firewood and only gas. This is great for no cleaning up.

A campfire heater design is a simple DIY project, but is not as decorative as most other options.

Cast iron pits are constructed out of cast iron and may not last as long because of a lower melting point.

On the other side, copper firebowls have a very high melting point and will last a long time. These are much more expensive.

Which is The Most Popular Design?

The most popular designs are copper due to its durability, cast iron due to its relative cheapness and durability, gas-powered in areas where wood burning is restricted, chiminea because it is useful in small areas, and Sojoe burners.

The best-selling fire pits on the internet tend to be steel models, tables, models similar to those produced by Sojoe, and portable propane units. All of which are great options. It just depends on your own specific needs and wants.

Typically, the more popular a brand is, the more success people have had with that brand. Companies that create these heaters, are not household names such as Nike or Adidas. However within the market several key brands stick out among the rest.

Some of the more popular brands based on reviews and number of purchases are Landmann for its steel and clay pits, UniFlame for their table heaters, Weber for its portable models, Char-Broil for its stainless steel firebowls, Heiniger for its portable gas units, DeckMate for its cast iron models, AZ Patio Heaters for its gas units, CobraCo for its table designs, Strathwood St. Thomas for its cast aluminum burners set into tables, Fire Sense for their portable models, BlueRooster for its chimineas and Frugah for their grills.

What to Look Out For in Different Heater Models

There are numerous factors to be considered from a design point of view these heaters. The look of the unit must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Bulky and dull-looking models are not as popular simply because they don’t add attractiveness to a patio or backyard.

The feel of a the heater is not as important, because they are not often touched for fear of getting burnt. The colors should go well with the backyard decor. Usually these colors will not jump out because the fire will already add enough color. The size can vary. They range from smaller versions and portable units to a larger models often built into tables. 

Copper and stainless steel will last a long time due to its high melting point. Cast iron will not last as long due to its lower melting point. Materials will help with durability of the fire pit design. The wood capacity of a fire pit design is also an important factor. More wood mean longer lasting flame in the fire pit, however this will increase the overall size and thus the price of the fire pit.

From a consumer’s standpoint, there are many different factors that one must consider. Does it appeal to the eye? This is more of an individual opinion and it depends solely on what you think of it. As long as the fire pit design is pleasing to the eye, this category is fulfilled. Is it safe for the garden and environment?

Typically these units should be placed away from flammable objects, such as plants or trees. In any case, fire pit designs take this into account and only direct heat where the consumer wants it. Will it be safe around kids and pets?

This is an essential factor and should be considered greatly. A design where the heat source is situated high up will help keep flames away from children and pets. By accounting for all of these factors, you are now ready to make a smart purchase.

Where do I find the best prices?

If you’re ready to spruce up your landscape while increasing the enjoyment and value of your home, click here right now for the lowest prices on the top name brands of every firepit online today.

Outdoor Pit Options - which one is the right decision for me and my home?

With the economy continuing to limp along and no real relief in sight, people are looking for more cost effective ways of entertaining themselves – and the spending the night home is becoming more and more of a reality than ever before. And while a lot of people are being forced to stay in our entertain from their homes because of financial reasons or otherwise, they are still looking for a high end solution and a world class experience.

There are a couple of different routes you can go, with everything from a complete and total remodel and overhaul of your entertaining spaces (which you may or may not have the funds to do) or something simpler, faster, but no less effective – and once you set eyes on some of the outdoor pits ideas the choice is all but made up for you.

There has always been a primal reaction from people throughout history to fire – it’s the tool that really allowed us to change the landscape of the world and responsible for our development and modern world. And while we’ve forgotten just how important fire is to us on a conscious level, just the sight of an open flame is enough to bring back deep and personal feelings. Perfect for entertaining a house full of people or just a quite night with you and your loved ones, there are a million and one ideas that would perfectly suite your needs.

What are the different options available for my new home fire-pit, should I decide to go that route?

While you may have an image or a memory associated with a home fire from your past or maybe even have one in your home right now that needs an update, you should know that with modern tools, technologies, and techniques the models of today are much better than they used to be. They are no longer just a couple of bricks or cinderblocks knocked together.

Using some of the finest construction materials in the world and comprised from a million and one different schools of thought on design and composition, there is absolutely more than enough options to suit your specific needs. Rustic and more traditional heaters are still dominating the landscape, but more modern, Apple design inspired solutions are also starting to pop into the marketplace at a pretty rapid rate.

And while the outdoor ideas and designs that you’ll have to sift through are varied and numerous, there are also a couple of different options for your to choose from in regards to fuel sources.

Most of the solutions on the marketplace are the old word fired ones that many are familiar with, but some people are opting for the cleaner and lower maintenance (not to mention “instant on”) gas solutions. This is a deeply personal choice and will have a bunch of different things you’ll need to consider – the cost of fuel, the impact on the environment, etc – but with a little bit of thought the answer will probably come rushing up to the surface and you’ll know exactly which units to pursue.

Will it be able to boost the value of my home dramatically?

There are a couple of schools of thought as to whether the right indoor or outdoor heater will boost the value of your home dramatically, but all agree that it will – the difference comes in what kind of compensation you’ll be able to reap. If you are judging the value of your home by home safe, secure, welcome, and relaxing it is, then yes – the right solution will dramatically boost the value of your home to you.

If you’re big on entertaining and are looking to have the ultimate in outdoor spaces to show off to your guests as well as a secluded spot for you to sit when it’s just you and the people you care most about, then the answer is an overwhelming yes.

The thing that gets a little tricky is finding out whether or not your heater can boost the monetary value of your home – that has a million and one different variables that need to come into play, and a lot of them revolve around the person you would be selling the home to. Let’s just put it this way – installing one of these, especially if fixed into position has probably never dropped the value of a home dramatically.

How much should I consider spending? Is there any way to lessen the cost and still get a high quality solution?

This again is a bit of a loaded question, and will depend on variables that are unknowable as of right now. While many of the best outdoor pits can be pulled off and built successfully on your own without the assistance of experienced professionals, there are some instances where you’ll want to bring on a professional to help you out. These bills can run anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand, all depending on the fire pit ideas you are looking to implement.

I really want a a quality pit, but I’m not exactly an interior (or in this case exterior) designer – where can I get the best models that would work perfectly in my home?

First off, don’t think you are alone in this line of thinking – you aren’t. The best designers in the world are able to pull off projects that look like they are incredibly simple, but the moment you try to do it on your own you’ll find out quickly we they are able to make so much money. So while you may want to lean on a design professional to help you out with your project at some point, you should at the very least be doing a bit of research online for the best ideas and solutions out there. Google is a fantastic spot to start the search, but there are also some specialist and outdoor space specific sites that have some incredible ideas as well!

Popular Brand Names

Of the many propane heater table brand names, there are a few that will give you the best quality for your price. These brands include Landmann, Outland, Best Choice, Heininger, Camp Chef, Uniflame, and Allen + Roth. Each brand has many different styles of tables to choose some, whether you need a tall, circular table or a short, square one; the possibilities are nearly endless.

How to Build your own Fire-Pit

These days everyone seems to want a firepit in their backyard to enjoy a pleasant evening visiting friends and family around a warm blaze. Some folks prefer to have a portable one to take from home to the beach, the lake, or the campgrounds. Other folks prefer to hire someone to build a fancy outdoor living space that includes an elaborate fireplace or pit. But, you want to take it to a whole new level and build a permanent pit with your own two hands.

While the pit looks easy to build and it actually is pretty easy to do, there are some important details for how to build a firepit put you must attend to in order to have an attractive and safe place for friends to enjoy the flames with you. The first and most important detail you need to tend to is to check your local fire codes and city ordinance regarding open flames. If you are permitted to build one you are good to go.

The next thing you will need to do for how to build a firepit is figure out where you will dig the hole and build it far from any buildings, fences, overhanging trees or other flammable structures. When you have located your spot, you are ready to begin the process to build a firepit.

The stones you use for the wall of the pit is a very important detail because you should get concrete cast moulded to look like stone rather than actual stones. The reason for this is that real stones will not stack as tightly or seat as well for the masonry glue you will need to build a proper wall for the pit. You will also need to purchase gravel to line the pit floor. The gravel will serve as a flat surface upon which you will build the wall. Purchase enough blocks and gravel for a 36” to 44” inner diameter of the pit and one foot tall walls for the proper height.

Now, the very first physical thing you need to do towards how to build a firepit is that you will need to dig the pit hole at least 6 inches deep for the bottom portion. After the whole is dug and you have measured for the proper inner diameter lay the bottom blocks to form the bottom of the wall. If they all fit well and tightly, you are good to go. If not, you may need to adjust the size of the hole or you can adjust one of the blocks to fit better. The choice depends on how off the measurements are.

Now, all you need to do is patiently stack the wall as you go around the circumference of the wall while using the correct amount of masonry glue to assure a tight seal and fit. Once the wall is build you must give the glue ample time to dry and set before you use your firepit for the first time.

With all the work and effort you put into it, you can brag that you built a firepit and invite your friends and family to see the result of your hard work.

Best of Luck!​

Gas Model Buying Guide

Although probably worthy of an entire article, here we introduce the gas firepit, which is essentially nothing more than an outdoor fire pit which uses propane or other gas as fuel.

The Benefits of Having a Propane or Gas as a Fuel

No matter what season of the year it is, your firebowl will always be a welcoming place to hang out with friends. You can roast marshmallows, snuggle with a honey, or just shoot the breeze while enjoying the feel of hearth and home in your backyard. A propane fire pit makes the experience easier for the hosts to use and still provides comfort to friends and family.

If you need to convince anyone that a propane powered model is the way to go for an outdoor fire you can point out some of the advantages to using propane verses other options:

· Instead of having to chop and store wood the propane uses a self-contained with a refillable tank, so you can get a great fire without all the work.

· No paper or kindling is needed for this kind of pit because it uses an igniter rather than a lighter.

· You can control the level and intensity of the fire with a simple turn of the knob so that if you want you can use the pit to cook if you have a grill to put over the flame.

· You don’t have to have water or sand to put out the flame because as easy as it is to turn on with a simple igniter, it is equally easy to simply flip it off and bye-bye flame.

· Due to there not being dangerous flames or smoke, you won’t have to worry about fire codes or city ordinances.

· You can purchase a portable version so you can move it to wherever you want or need it for your festivities.

It is clear that propane is the way to go if you are looking for a convenient way have a fire in your own backyard to enjoy with friends and family. They are fairly inexpensive to buy and maintain and they are easy to use.

You can select the right propane unit that fits your style too. You can get a basic round portable firepit that is not much on looks, but it is still great for the comfort of fire. Or you can select one that reflects your home décor and personal style. Whether you have a country style home or a fancy home you can find a fire-pit that will match your style. In fact, there are so many choices to make you should take the time to shop around before purchasing your first heater for your outdoor living space.

If you have a more established outdoor living space that some people refer to as an outdoor living room, you may want to invest in a permanent propane model that is styled like a fireplace inside the home. You can even hire a designer to create a design that matches your home and personal style. It may be a bit pricier, but you may get more pleasure from the experience and it may add value to your home. Win-win!

Get The Right Gas Model for Your Home and Raise Your Property’s Enjoyment and Monetary Value

If you’re looking for a unique yet safe way to spruce up your backyard, the functional yet elegant gas burner could be exactly what you need. Gas fire pits are containment units for fire which run on gas, typically built of metal or masonry structures to ensure the safety of your home and family. Used for heating, lighting and cooking, natural or propane gas fire pits allow you an eco-friendly way to enjoy your backyard the way nature intended it.

By adding metal fire rings and other elements that don’t burn (e.g. wood or coal) to disperse the fuel, gas firepits create natural-looking flames which will add a touch of warmth and coziness to any landscape. But more than that, the use of a gas firepit saves you hundreds of dollars each year rather than burning wood or coal that pollutes your environment. Further, with the strict fire codes and regulations put into place by many towns and homeowners boards, fire pits that burn gas are sometimes your only option for creating an outdoor fireplace.

The Different Types of Gas Powered Heaters

When choosing your burner, there are two basic considerations to start out with: having a custom-built model and buying a pre-built outdoor model. Both are choices left up to the consumer’s discretion, but either way, there are many similarities between the two.

Regardless of which you go for, you’ll have to decide between steel, aluminum or porcelain components surrounding the flame. Any material that is not heat-resistant like these should be avoided at all costs. Next, the outer shape of the unit is typically square like a low table, or circular like a bowl. This allows for seating all around the heater, but there are many shapes available which may better fit your available space or current landscaping layout. The outside of the fire pit is typically made of stone, metal, masonry or fire-retardant resin. Resin also gives you the option of having different textures to your unit such as faux-stone and wicker (which can make your firepit more mobile and easier to clean).

Choose materials that not only suit your surroundings, but also how suit much you’ll want to move your fire pit around. For instance, if you have one central spot that you want your fire pit to be placed and know you aren’t going to move it, going with a large, 40” stone fire pit is a great choice. On the other hand, if you have many spots and are the type that likes to redesign your landscaping, picking a more mobile or even a small, 25” fire pit that has wheels on it will make your life a little bit easier.

About The Gas Fire Pit

For most fire pits that burn gas, you’ll be adapting your natural gas line that runs out of your house directly into the fire pit. Some fire pits run on self-contained propane tanks which work better for lightweight fire pits and more mobile models. This is ideal for those who only pull out the fire pit once in a while when entertaining company. For permanent fixtures, gas lines from the house will suit your needs better as well as keep your costs down. Keep your usage and entertainment needs in mind when choosing your fire pit.

When looking at the BTU ratings, try to pick units with lower ratings if you’re going for smaller and safer fires which are ideal for windy areas or homes where children are running around. If you’re in a less windy areas and plan on firing up the steaks with the boys or throwing a BBQ for the neighbors, going with higher ratings is fine as long as you take the proper safety precautions.

Of course, if you’re going to be cooking on the fire pit (some people only use it for aesthetic lighting or warmth), you’ll need grilling grates and other attachments. Ignition switches are typically built-in and are highly recommended rather than using long-stem matches with gas-knob ignitions.

Form Follows Function

When it comes time to choose your fire pit, take into consideration where you will be placing your unit. Some fire pits burn hot on the bottom so unless raised on a pedestal will burn lawns, decks and patios. Pedestal style fire pits allow for heat venting and are the best choice for any flooring which is flammable. If you have a large dirt area in your yard, you can forgo this safety feature.

When building your fire pit into a wall or a corner, make sure you have the proper shielding installed on your house to protect it from the flames. Even if you think you’re not doing damage to a nearby item, the constant higher levels of temperature can cause slow damage that once noticeable will be too late to reverse. Watch for overhanging trees as well as neighbor’s property.

Benefits of a Gas Fire Pit

There are many benefits to gas fire pits besides the fact that they provide a relaxing atmosphere for you and your family to spend time together near. Gas fire pits burn cleaner, using less natural resources and eliminate the need to by large volumes of wood or coal. Further, for that great natural look you can purchase faux wood logs and lava rocks which last for years.

Gas fire pits are lower in maintenance and only need a simple cleaning between cooking. You can turn them on with the flip of a switch and no matter the surroundings or time, your fire will burn steadily and evenly for as long as you have it on with no additional work on your part. Then when done, simply cut off the gas supply to the fire pit and that’s it; no waiting around for smoldering embers to become safe to leave unattended. Plus, the warmth from a gas burning outdoor fire pit is just the same as with a regular fire thanks to the fire-safe glass rocks you can purchase.

Top Brands of Gas Fire Pits

While there are many different styles and brands to choose from, some brands are better sellers than other due to their pragmatic stylistic approach to modern outdoor landscaping, their reliability due to time spent in the industry and availability of a wide range of products. The following are some of the best outdoor gas fire pit brands. Be sure to check out customer reviews for each before buying, ensuring that the purchase you make is one that will bring you many years of happy outdoor heating, lighting and cooking.

· Alfresco

· Bond

· Bull Outdoor

· BBQ Guys

· Cal Flame

· California Outdoor Concepts

· FireScapes

· Firegear

· Fire Pit Art


· Peterson Outdoor Campfyre

· The Outdoor GreatRoom Company

· Sonoma

· Mirage Stone

· Napoleon

· San Juan

· Petite

· Escea

· O.W. Lee

· Uniflame

· Urban Fire

Heater Tables are a Great Option for Homes without Fireplaces and Chimneys

In this section we take a closer look at a particular type of gas firepit, the fire pit table which is especially good for relaxed evening entertaining in the yard.

Many homes do not have fireplaces so homeowners who may wish for a cozy fireplace would have had to do without in the past. But, now they can have an indoor or outdoor table that provides that cozy feel of a roaring fire without the need for a chimney.

The options for these tables include actual tables with a built in pit as the actual table top or a smaller urn for the flame with a glass surround. The flames are created by burning the fuel gel rather than wood or coal or other material. The gel does not create any smoke so a chimney is not needed to keep smoke out of the house.

Some tables burn with propane rather than gel. The tanks are easy to refill for convenience and the flames are safer than wood fire flames. It is also less messy than wood fires with the wood to bring in from outside, the ashes to clean in the fireplace and the need for kindling and paper and lighter, and the list seems to go on. With these models you simply push a button or turn a key and you have flames. It is almost like magic. No smoke, no muss and no fuss, but all the pleasure of hearth and home that humans have enjoyed for thousands of years.

The sheer variety among the choices for these tables is awesome to behold. Enter any showplace and you may be surprised at the options available for your home in need of a hearth. You can get open sided tables with a center pit or you can go high gloss with stainless steel sides and top that adds class to the room along with a beautiful, romantic fire.

If you want to get such a table for your outdoor living space you may want to look at more rustic tables that suit the outdoor area better. Perhaps a table that looks wooden along the side to hide the propane tank will look better than a shiny table pit that is probably better suited for indoor spaces.

The limit for the shape of the tabletop is only limited by the imagination. One can choose a round table, octagon table, or a rectangle table. The height of the table can be low or high depending on your preference. You can also get a glass topped table that will reflect the flames or a steel top table, or even a stone topped table that looks more rugged and rustic.

The costs range is reflected in the size and type preferred whether a full-on firepit table or a table top model. The costs will also be reflected in the types of materials used and the heat element used, whether from a fuel gel or propane tank.

More Tips for Buying a Pit Table

When looking for a firepit, remember that propane pits are much friendlier when placed next to homes versus traditional fire -pits. No smoke is emitted from these heaters, and thus you do not have to worry about safety concerns or smoke stains on your house or the structures nearby. A typical rule when stationing the table anywhere is to put it at least 15 feet from major structures (i.e. your home).

A typical propane table can cost between $300 – $700. Prices can vary according to size and stature of course. The more elegant the model, the larger price it will be. Also, when considering which height of table to buy, keep in mind the seating arrangements that will be available. Do you already have a set of patio chairs that you plan on setting around the pit? If so, take into consideration if the chairs are tall or short, and base your fire pit table’s height off of the chairs. You want to be able to comfortably reach the table from the chairs when and if needed.

Propane heater tables are a wonderful alternative to traditional wood pits. The propane pits burn cleaner, come in just as many if not more styles, and look great whether they are put on a patio or out on a grassy area. Remember to take into consideration the size, style, and seating arrangement of the area you plan on buying the patio for. Once the table is set up, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the great addition to your outdoor furniture.

Best Options for a Propane Table

When looking for a suitable propane heater table that will most suit your outdoor needs, there are many facts and tips to take into account. These tables make great additions to backyards or patios and can contribute to a wonderful outdoor environment. These fire pits are becoming more popular recently, as it becomes easier to own and maintain gas-powered pits versus wood-fueled ones. The many benefits of these outdoor necessities are causing a greater demand for them, not only for their many uses, but also for the charming atmosphere they can create for outdoor areas.

The Perks of Owning a Firepit Table

Owning this particular piece of outdoor furniture allows for several benefits, the main of which is the table’s versatility. The table is able to act as a heating device as well as a place to eat and enjoy drinks with friends or family. The table can make for a wonderful centerpiece on a patio or deck, and adds personality to any outdoor setting.

When debating whether to purchase a table that doubles as a firepit, remember the two purposes it serves, and also that you are able to set up patio chairs around it just as any normal table. This works well for any get-together, whether it is a neighborhood party or a family dinner. If outdoor space is limited, a table incorporating the heater is able to save space by eliminating the need for an extra piece of furniture.

Staying warm near a propane powered table heater is definitely not a worry either. They emanate great heat, which allows for a cozy or romantic atmosphere if so desired.

These tables are extremely easy to operate, especially for people who are not familiar with lighting regular wood fires. Skip the hassle of wood burning and utilize the power and convenience of natural gas. No wood also means no ash or dirty residue from the pit table. Propane burns clean, and does not affect the rocks or artificial wood logs in the center of the table.

A propane table heater also happens to be quite sturdy. This allows for a worry-free setting when children or pets are a bit rambunctious around the table. It is not easily knocked over and is also well stabilized during heavy wind and storms.

Different Types Firepit Tables

These tables come in many shapes and sizes. Some materials they can be made of include stainless steel, copper, granite, and cast iron. Glass models are also available; the kind of table you decide to purchase depends simply on what you are looking for.

The dimensions of the table matter as well. Are you looking for a square or circular table? Tall or short? Wide or skinny? Are you looking for a fire pit table that can accommodate many people or only a few?

The size of the unit depends on the area where it will be placed. Often times, large square or circular tables will be placed on areas of grass or patio with enough space to accommodate the size. Smaller, more compact pit tables will be necessary for patios and decks with tighter areas. The material you would like the table to be made of is entirely up to you. Granite, rock, or steel are all wonderful options, and each style is charming in its own way. Choosing colors that agree with your outdoor décor can also be a large factor; remember to take into account the outdoor feel and look you are aiming to achieve.

If you are planning on using the table for aesthetic looks and want to use it more as a table, then the center burning pit will not need to be as large as possible. A foot or two in diameter will suffice and can create a great feeling for any setting. However, if a good amount of heat is desired from the pit table, a larger center pan will need to be considered.

Wrapping it all up

We love the fire pit. Whether it is a wood burning table, a gas firebowl table or you built your own, they are ingredients to a recipe of relaxed summer evening enjoyment. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase, should you wish to go that route; they are easy to maintain and clean; and they will last a long time, so you are sure to get value for money.

A the top of this article is a list of our recommendations for the best model. Why not scroll back to the top and take a look. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

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